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    Personal Training Plans Normally $179 A Month

    1 Month $99 Personal Training Special
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Personal Trainer in Wilmington, NC Reveals His 2013 Personal Fitness Training  & Weight Loss Program That Will Change Your Body and Help You Fit Into Your Favorite Jeans Again!

Hello, my name is Monty Miller and I have been a personal trainer and weight loss specialist for over 10 years. I have worked with hundreds of Wilmington residents in this time frame and have been fortunate enough to see some amazing transformations!

I have seen people’s lives literally changed forever by the power of proper exercise and nutrition. These were people just like you that came to me with a frustration and longing to change where they were but had no clue about how to make it happen. Let me stop right here for a second. I have a question for you.

Are You Confused About What Works For Weight Loss?

I will assume the answer is yes. To be honest with you I can understand why.

If you look in any book store there are hundreds of books about weight loss. They promise to show you how to lose X number of pounds in ONLY X days.

There are books about personal training, yoga, pilates, running, sauna, vitamin supplements and the list continues. This is a problem everywhere, not just here in Wilmington NC. I can’t fix the world’s problems but as a fitness trainer and weight loss specialist in Wilmington I am helping as many women as I possibly can!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I work exclusively with women so I am very specialized in what I do and focused on what is proven to be effective when it comes to women’s fitness.

Let me ask you something else, do you know that current statistics show that:

30% Of Americans Are Now Classified As Obese!!! Over 60% Are Classified As Overweight.

  • Benefits Of My Fitness Training Program

    Lose fat and feel better in your clothes

    Increase metabolism even while your are at rest

    Burn more calories for up to 38 hours after exercise

    Do less cardio and get better fat loss results

    Avoid the biggest mistakes that are ruining your success

    Eat exactly the right type and amount of food at the right time

    Get the junk out of the trunk Increase your self esteem and self confidence

    Love what you see in the mirror

    Decrease your stress levels and fat storage hormones

    Look sexier, leaner and more toned than ever …..and so much more!

  • 5 Good Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer In Wilmington, NC

    Lack of self-discipline and laziness are inherent human qualities that can undermine your efforts aimed at losing weight and getting in shape. It happens to the best of us and there’s no shame in getting some help. Everyone needs someone to push them through the hard spots from time to time, and it helps when that person is also a professional personal fitness trainer in Wilmington, NC.

    Individual Approach

    There is a certain benefit in taking part in group activities and fitness clubs, but they all lack a very important factor that keeps holding you back from achieving your goals. Our entire body, and not just our looks, is unique and requires special treatment when it comes to exercise and workout routines. Individual approach is what makes your efforts more efficient and helps you learn more about your body than you knew before.


    An experienced Wilmington fitness trainer will plan your routine for you, share useful tips and mark important milestones by observing how your body responds to different types of exercises. It’s not as much about revealing a secret that’s been well-kept from you and everyone else for all these years, as it is about discovering your own special technique that will finally put you on the path towards a healthier body.

    Expert Advice

    He will also pay attention to your current diet and give helpful recommendations, which might make a big difference in the way your efforts are rewarded in the long-run and possibly by the end of the month. You get to talk with a Wilmington fitness trainer who knows how you feel and has struggled with similar problems, overcoming them and coming out on top. If you don’t use that opportunity, you’re missing out on a chance to finally get it right and achieve lasting results for your weight, shape and looks.


    Being angry with yourself and going through things that you hate may prepare you for the Olympics if you’re a professional athlete, but it ruins your body and nervous system, making it a bad approach for anyone who’s trying to become healthier. A fitness trainer will keep you motivated for your cardio exercises and physical activities by pointing out the actual progress that you’ve accomplished since you started. Positive thinking and solid objectives can go a long way when there’s a professional fitness trainer by your side.

    Results That Last

    Many people who lose weight on their own eventually go back to their previous state after several months. That’s because their workouts are not geared towards long-term results and all they can think about is getting over it to go on with their previous lives. Fitness trainers understand the importance of changing who you are in order to change your body. They will help you ease into your new lifestyle and teach you to love it by showing the benefits that your choices bring.

    Don’t hesitate to take your weight loss efforts to the next level!

Virginia Lost Over 22 Pounds With My Fitness Training Program

Ashley Lost Over 20 Pounds With Monty’s Personal Training

  • Why Choose Boot Camp Fitness Training

    Monty’s Boot Camp Fitness is different to any other program Wilmington. Most of the time boot camp takes place outdoors This offers a totally different approach to exercise than get in the normal gym based programs, including working out a personal trainer. Boot camps get people out of the gym rut into something totally new. The work outs are always different and are never boring!

    This type of training is intense at times and will challenge to go beyond what you think you are capable of. But the t is, that everything we do is able to be modified to any fit level or age group. From the youngest to the oldest, from couch potato to the athlete, this program has something for everyone.

    Fitness Training Boot Camps are superior to other exercise programs because they work! They are very focused on body fat loss and fast physical conditioning. The combination of strength, power and interval cardiovascular training have a dramatic effect on the human body, in a good way! Results oriented program that works!

    Because boot camp programs take place in a group format they a great social outlet and provide an environment conducive making new friends. The group format also challenges you to work longer, harder and faster than you would on your own or working one-on-one with a personal trainer. As a result, you results!

    Monty Miller has over 10 years of experience including a master’s degree in exercise physiology. His experience knowledge applied to your individual goals will enable you achieve what you cannot on your own. Monty also specializes boot camp training so all of his energy is geared towards common goal, creating programs that work!

    Boot camp fitness programs are very cost effective compare working out one-on-one with a personal trainer. Personal training in Wilmington can cost from $60-$100 per session Depending on the program you choose, Boot Camp is ONLY $10-15 per class. Think about it, you get work outs designed trainer & supervision from a trainer but you save a bunch money!

    There is no risk to you. If in the 30 days of your boot camp membership, you have followed instructions and attended all of the sessions, you are not satisfied for reason you can get all of your money back. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

  • Personal Training FAQ

    How do I Join?

    The process of trying boot camp is really easy, just call Monty at 910-617-2907.

    What do I need to bring?

    You’ll need a water and a towel and a mindset to sweat!

    What’s a daily workout session like?

    No workout session is repeated, we constantly change thing to keep your body guessing. We keep your interest level high utilizing a variety of exercises each session. When you are at class you should stretch out on your own. Our warm up usually consist of a combination of calisthenics and total flexibility exercises to prepare your system for the upcoming session. In addition, you will enjoy the combination of personal attention and social interaction that the fitness boot camp format offers. Each class lasts for approximately 45 minutes.

    What if I can’t perform a certain exercise?

    Don’t worry, there are endless modifications/substitutions for any of the exercises. If you are unable to perform a particular movement you will simply substitute a different exercise.

    Will you yell at us? I’m scared!

    We don’t yell at you but only offer motivating, positive comments, occasional quotes and encouragement. We keep focused on the task at hand while having fun! Abuse, harassment etc…. we don’t go there, even if you want us to.

    What about the weather?

    Fortunately we have indoor access as well as the great outdoors. So the bottom line is, we exercise rain or shine!

    Who can / should attend?

    Fitness boot camps are designed for all fitness levels. You don’t have to be fit to start. So any woman in Wilmington NC and surrounding areas can and should join in the fun!

    Where are you located?

    Monty’s Boot Camp is conveniently located in central Wilmington at 5605 1/2 Oleander Drive. This is just across from the batting cages and just behind Olympia Restaurant.

    How much doe it cost?

    That is the best part! Boot camp is so affordable, especially compared to 1 on 1 personal training. There are a few different payment options to choose from depending on personal preference. Generally, memberships range from $99-199 per month.


Personal Training Specials!

3 Month Personal Training $159 A Month. Save $60!

6 Month Personal Training $149 A Month. Save $180!

9 Month Personal Training $139 A Month. Save $360!

12 Month Personal Training $129 A Month. Save $600!

Personal Fitness Training Plans Normally $179 A Month.


I have been attending Monty Miller’s Boot Camp weekly for about six months now a I have to say it is the most fun way to exercise. Don’t confuse fun with easy because there is nothing easy about it! There is nothing routine about Monty’s program either which keeps it exciting and new every time you go. Working out in a group is great motivation; you cheer each other on and help each other make it through the part of circuit you know is going to make your muscles burn! For the first time in many years I feel better, look better, have more energy and my cholesterol is in check for the first time without a prescription. In the past I would dread having to go to the gym and the first time in twenty years I look forward to workout days. I have always had a hard time losing weight and usually after two months I give up whatever exercise or diet plan I am currently trying. Not this time, Monty Miller’s Boot Camp is the way intend to get fit and stay fit.–Diane Hack, Wilmington, NC

I have been participating in Monty’s Boot Camp for over a year. I am not the athletic type and I have always stuck with what I considered more girly exercises – aerobics yoga or the elliptical machine. None of them ever really challenged me to try new or test my strength. With Monty’s help, I surprise myself with what I can do feel strong and the exercises really challenge and energize me. I do boot camp three times a week and it provides a great structure to my week. Additionally, we have a lot of fun and I have made some great friends.–Elsie Harrington-Verb

Getting fat was a lot easier than trying to get skinny again! At least Monty Miller’s Boot Camp Fitness makes it a fun, interactive and encouraging experience. Knowing you’re going to have fun while you burn some fat and the fact that you have othe expecting you to show up makes it SO much easier to get up off of the sofa and get moving! It doesn’t matter your age or your physical condition or limitations, Monty helps you modify exercises so that you get the benefits of Boot Camp without hurting yourself. I highly recommend Monty Miller’s Boot Camp Fitness to anyone who wants to lose some weight, have some fun and make some friends!–Wyndi Hills, Wilmington, NC

After ONLY 2 Weeks! I wanted to tell you that so far I’ve lost nearly 8 pounds and 2.5 inches from my waist! I’m really pumped!–Linda Sheva-Bach

Just had to send you a message of thanks for involving me in your wonderful program. I had such a great time meeting other women as myself with the same weight loss issues. Your great workouts were fun and challenging enough for the first day. I actually look forward to Thursday’s upcoming session. Take care and thanks again.–CeCe Fairly, Wilmington, NC

Yesterday’s workout was great. This is exactly what I need and the type of workouts that I like. Thanks for letting me know about this class.–Amy Franklin


So you say, Monty I am convinced that your fitness training program is for me and am ready to get going. How much does it cost and how can I get started?

If you worked with me or any other personal trainer one-on-one you’d pay at least $600-$1,000/month. Even if you worked with a brand new, rookie trainer you would pay at least $350-450/month (for cookie cutter workout).

The good news is that you won’t pay anywhere close to the fee of one-on-one training. Your investment is ONLY $149/month for my All Access Boot Camp for Women Program.

Think about it, for as little as $5.96/session you can have an ALL ACCESS pass to a proven system and personal trainer that ensures your fitness success.


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